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Model Gauge Chamber Operation Capacity Av. Weight Barrel Length Barrel Length
Ingenious .410 Ga 76 mm (3”) Lever Action 5 2,7 kg  (6 lb) 112 cm  (44”) 51 cm (20”)


INGENIOUS® Revolving Lever Action Shotgun

The Ultimate Hybrid: The Combination Single Action Revolver and Lever Action Shotgun in .410 Calibre

In the world of firearms, innovation often leads to the creation of exceptional hybrid designs that blend the best features of different platforms. One such remarkable fusion is the combination of a revolver and a lever-action shotgun, chambered in the versatile .410 calibre. This unique firearm offers shooters a versatile and powerful tool suitable for various applications.

At first glance, the combination of a revolver and a lever-action shotgun may seem unconventional, but it brings together the reliability and simplicity of a revolver with the rapid firepower and versatility of a lever-action shotgun. The revolver component provides users with the familiarity of a handgun, offering quick and precise aiming, while the lever-action shotgun aspect delivers the capability of rapid follow-up shots and the ability to handle a variety of loads.

Chambered in .410 calibre, this hybrid firearm offers a balance between manageable recoil and effective stopping power. The .410 calibre is renowned for its versatility, capable of accommodating a wide range of loads including birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications such as hunting, home defence, and recreational shooting.

In terms of design, the combination revolver and lever-action shotgun feature a revolver-style cylinder instead of a tubular magazine for ammunition storage. This cylinder rotates only by moving the lever down, ensuring a single action operation without the opportunity for self-cocking. The presence of a safety lock mechanism, which blocks both the cock and trigger, enhances safety during handling and storage.

The shotgun design includes protective plates in front of the cylinder to shield the shooter’s hand from gunpowder gases, ensuring a safer shooting experience.

The lever action allows for quick cycling of rounds with a short lever movement, enabling shooters to maintain a steady rate of fire. Additionally, the compact size and manoeuvrability of this hybrid firearm make it suitable for use in tight spaces or for shooters who prefer a more compact weapon.

One of the key advantages of this hybrid design is its simplicity and ease of operation. With fewer moving parts compared to semi-automatic firearms, it offers reliability and durability even in adverse conditions. This makes it particularly appealing to shooters who prioritize simplicity and functionality in their firearms.

Whether used for hunting small game, protecting the home, or enjoying a day at the range, the combination revolver and lever-action shotgun in .410 calibre offers shooters a unique and versatile firearm. With its blend of traditional revolver and lever-action shotgun features, coupled with the adaptability of the .410 calibre, this hybrid firearm stands out as a testament to the ingenuity and innovation in the world of firearms design.