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Bushmeister BA-X12


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Model Gauge Chamber Operation Capacity Av. Weight Total Length Barrel Length
BA-X12 B20 12 Ga 76 mm (3 inch) Manual Pull 5 3.0-3.2 kg 105 cm (41 inch) 51 cm (20inch)
BA-X12 B28 12 Ga 76 mm (3 inch) Manual Pull 5 3.0-3.2 kg 125cm (49 inch) 71 cm (28 inch)


Exploring the Bushmeister BA-X12: A Reliable Lever Release Shotgun

In the world of firearms, the Bushmeister BA-X12 lever release shotgun has gained a reputation for its innovative design and exceptional performance. Praised by users for its simplicity and reliability, this firearm has become a popular choice among shooters and firearms enthusiasts seeking a versatile and efficient shotgun.

The Bushmeister BA-X12 is celebrated for its intuitive lever release system, which allows for quick and seamless chambering of rounds. Users have lauded its simplicity, noting that the lever release mechanism is easy to operate, making it effortless to reload and ensuring smooth shooting experiences.

Reviewers have highlighted the BA-X12’s robust construction and dependable performance. Many users have reported putting hundreds of rounds through the shotgun without encountering any malfunctions, attesting to its reliability and durability.

One notable feature of the Bushmeister BA-X12 is its ambidextrous design, making it suitable for both left-handed and right-handed shooters. This versatility, combined with its user-friendly operation, has contributed to its widespread appeal among shooters of all skill levels.

Whether used for hunting, sport shooting, or tactical applications, the Bushmeister BA-X12 continues to impress with its blend of innovation and reliability. With its intuitive lever release mechanism and solid construction, it has earned its place as a trusted companion for shooters seeking a dependable and efficient shotgun.

In conclusion, the Bushmeister BA-X12 lever release shotgun stands out as a reliable and versatile firearm that has garnered praise from users for its simplicity and performance. As shooters continue to seek firearms that offer both innovation and reliability, the BA-X12 remains a top choice for those looking for a dependable shotgun for various shooting activities.


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BA-X12-Black-syntetic, BA-X12-Bronze-TACTICAL2, BA-X12-Marine silver-wallnut Short, BA-X12-silver 72cm, BA-X12-wood