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REC ARMS maintains its reputation for excellence with an extensive array of inertia-operated semi-automatic shotguns, complemented by the precision craftsmanship of its S3 and Cherokee Over/Under shotgun models.

REC ARMS Legend:

The Legend, a flagship model among REC ARMS’ semi-automatic shotguns, is a testament to precision engineering and advanced technology. Featuring an inertia-operated system, the Legend ensures flawless cycling, minimal recoil, and consistent performance in any condition. Trusted by shooters worldwide for its reliability and accuracy, the Legend embodies REC ARMS’ commitment to producing firearms of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


The NEO represents a fusion of lightweight design and uncompromising performance. Driven by an inertia-operated action, the NEO delivers reliable cycling and consistent accuracy, making it a versatile option for various shooting applications. Crafted with ergonomic controls and customizable features, the NEO reflects REC ARMS’ dedication to manufacturing firearms that meet the demands of shooters at the highest level.

REC ARMS Aventus:

At the apex of REC ARMS’ shotgun lineup stands the Aventus, a pinnacle of innovation and reliability. Powered by an inertia-operated system, the Aventus guarantees smooth cycling and exceptional accuracy with every shot. Crafted with precision engineering and manufactured to the most exacting standards, the Aventus epitomizes REC ARMS’ unwavering commitment to excellence in firearm manufacturing.

REC ARMS S3 Over/Under:

The S3 Over/Under shotgun embodies elegance and precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the S3 features a classic over/under configuration, providing shooters with versatility and style. With its superior balance and smooth operation, the S3 delivers exceptional performance on the range or in the field, reflecting REC ARMS’ dedication to producing firearms of the highest caliber.

REC ARMS Cherokee Over/Under:

The Cherokee Over/Under shotgun combines timeless design with modern innovation. Built with high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, the Cherokee offers shooters unmatched reliability and accuracy. Whether used for hunting, sport shooting, or competition, the Cherokee represents REC ARMS’ commitment to excellence in firearm manufacturing.

In summary, REC ARMS’ range of inertia-operated semi-automatic shotguns, alongside the precision craftsmanship showcased in its S3 Over/Under and Cherokee Over/Under models, exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering firearms of outstanding quality, performance, and reliability. Trusted by shooters worldwide, REC ARMS continues to set the benchmark for excellence in firearm manufacturing.