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BER/BEN Mobile Extended Choke

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REC ARMS® BER/BEN Mobile Extended Choke Tube 5 Pack Set for Hunting and Target Shooting

Calibre 12 Gauge
Muzzle Thread Beretta/Benelli Mobil
Choke Tube System Extended Optima / Optima Plus
Overall Length 75 mm
Extended part Length 24 mm
Material AISI 4140 Steel (42CrMo4)
Hardness 33 – 36 HRC
Finishing Oxide Black / Chrome White
Marking Coloured Rings and Diameter indication
Additional Features 2 Line Ported


Improved Skeet (IMK) .007 .723
Light Modified (LM) .015 .715
Improved Modified (IM) .025 .705
Full (F) .035 .695
Extra Full (XF) .045 .685


Introducing the REC ARMS BER/BEN Two Line Ported Optima Plus Chokes with coloured ring, meticulously engineered to minimize recoil while optimizing performance for your shotgun. This comprehensive set features five precision-crafted choke tubes, each meticulously designed for specific shooting applications:

  1. .685 Extra Full – Extreme Long Range Choke: Engineered for precise long-range shooting with No. 2 shot and smaller, delivering exceptional accuracy and consistent patterning.
  2. .695 Full – Mid-Range Choke: (Long Range equivalent with bigger shot sizes and closer to a Mid-Range with smaller shot sizes). Versatile across mid-range distances, capable of accommodating larger shot sizes like BBs and BBBs while maintaining accuracy comparable to long-range chokes.
  3. .705 Improved Modified – Long Range Choke: Tailored for extended range performance, offering tight patterns and reliable results at extended distances.
  4. .715 Improved Cylinder – Long Range Choke: Balances spread and penetration for long-range shooting, providing improved cylinder constriction for consistent performance.
  5. .723 Modified Choke – Mid Range Choke: Designed for modified constriction, offering versatility and adaptability across a mid-range of shooting scenarios.

Crafted from premium materials, these choke tubes are compatible with steel, lead, and Hevi-Shot ammunition, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability in diverse shooting environments. However, it’s important to note the following usage guidelines:

  • Avoid using steel shot larger than BB or exceeding speeds of 1550 fps in choke tubes tighter than full constriction.
  • When using the turkey construction choke tube, ensure steel shot does not exceed size No. 4.

Elevate your shooting experience with the REC ARMS BER/BEN Two Line Ported Optima Plus Chokes, providing unmatched precision, performance, and recoil reduction for every shot.